Keep Your Dog from Dominating Your Life

While your dog might be trying to dominate you by going out the door first, not listening to you, or just flat out ignoring whatever you tell him to do you need to reestablish your dominance over your dog. The first thing that you need to understand is that your dog will be looking for a pack leader and you need to make sure that he sees you as that pack leader. Without him being able to view you as the pack leader then you will not be anything else than another dog in the pack to him.

While a power vacuum can create a problem with your dog trying to dominate you then you will need to fill that vacuum. While you will need to probably get a dog obedience trained that is trying to dominate you some simple steps are available to help you out at home.

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The first simple step that you can do to reestablish your pack leader mentality to your dog would be to make him wait. Now, this may seem kind of odd to make your dog wait and you might not understand what I mean, but by making your dog wait you will start to tell him that he is going when you want him to go. To have him start to wait you will need to have doorways in your home to rooms and the house itself. You will have him on his leash and then you will have him wait by your side. Then you will go out the entrance first with your dog still standing in the same place. If he starts to follow you out the entrance then you start over again until he stops going at the same time as you.

If your dog is not listening to you then you have a little bit more of a challenge and that will require some more professional help with a trainer. Sometimes you might be able to talk with your vet about how to get your dog to listen to you, but they will typically refer you to an obedience training program. Some of the simple steps that you can manage to help get your dog to listen though would be to take him to class, make him sit and look at you. By sitting and looking at you at your command you are starting to establish that he needs to look at you as the pack leader.

While training your dog that does not listen very well can be a challenge you need to establish dominance. Even the most stubborn dog around will listen to the pack leader because of the fear of being kicked out of the pack. While you will want to get your dog trained a dog that does not listen to you or does not see you as a pack leader will need to have some form of training.

Defining spaces in an open floor plan

1. Furniture placement

We can always form a border between two rooms using the furniture in the room. Sofas, love seats and freestanding units are a great way to divide a space. If you appreciate the flow of the open space, use the smallest size piece of furniture to do this. Make sure sofas and love seats have a finished back, and can be freestanding. Some inexpensive pieces do not have a finished back. This simply means that the furniture has a pale piece of canvas type fabric backing and not the matching upholstery seen on the front.

Looking for a drafting company

2. Coordinating colors

If you have an open concept in your home but wish to define one area from another you can use a lighter paint or darker paint color in the same color family to give the other room its own personality while still making it merge with the other areas. Take a sample of your existing color to your home center or paint store and ask them to either darken it or lighten it.

3. Create a movable barrier

You can create individual spaces using a variety of movable barriers. Some ideas are to section off one area from another using large fabric panels on tracts, building a divider using bi-fold doors, and creating your own fabric screen that requires using 2″X 2 ” wood, piano hinges and the fabric of your choice.

4. Use of columns, half walls and large objects

Many homes in new construction are using columns now to add architectural detailing and definition to spaces in an open room. You can build your own as well. Many home centers have columns, 8 foot posts, etc that you can easily paint and install between two spaces to create definition. Half walls can easily be built with 2 by 4 lumber, sheet rock, paint and molding. Large objects like vases, book cases and stands in darker colors usually cause the eye to stop and make the distinction between two spaces.

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What is a Title 24 Report

What is a title 24 report?

Title 24 report is a document generated by a qualified property energy use consultant detailing the energy use of a proposed building. Put simply, this report looks at the energy requirements of a proposed home, then compares it to that of a typical home of the same size and then reports how your home fairs out. The report details the per capita energy use compared to standard energy use requirements as prescribed by title 24 requirements. This report is generated to help new home owners put up fixtures in their houses that allow efficient use of energy.


Why you need a Title 24 report

A Title 24 report evaluates your home’s energy needs as well as the changes that can be made to ensure that you make savings on energy cost. If you are in the process of building a home, the data generated in this report can help you save a lot on energy cost. Why, well, you have the chance to address problems such as poor heat insulation, a leaking door or window.

Since a title 24 report is computer generated, it is possible to assess how alterations can affect your home’s energy needs. As a result, you can choose what windows to install or those that can be replaced if your budget does not allow a complete upgrade. For instance, some homes in the Bay Area don’t have insulation. If you have a home in this area, and you are looking to make changes, your consultant can easily tell you where to install insulation to guarantee effective use of your money.


Who benefits from a Title 24 report?



One of the benefits of a title 24 report is that it assures you as the homeowner that your house meets the minimum requirements set by the energy use standards. If you are putting up a new home, it is possible to reduce energy bills when compared to older buildings. Modern day thermostats, insulation and windows prescribed by Title 24 help to create comfortable and quieter homes.



Energy efficiency is meant to improve real estate marketability. In fact, most buyers want homes that have many windows. However, if a home with a lot of glazing does not involve efficiency measures in the provision of such windows, the law requires that window area be minimized. For that reason, the components of a Title 24 help to encourage efficiency, and that drives people to buy homes because they know that such homes offer immense energy cost savings. Experienced homebuilder know that an energy efficient home minimizes homeowner complaints, and building with the code in mind keeps builders away from litigation.


Final word

If you are new homeowner, Title 24 should be your best friend. Not only will you get the best in home fixtures, but you will also be able to make energy savings and your home will be much quieter! If you are not sure how to go about getting a Title 24 report, visit where they provide Title 24 reports with over 10 years of experience.


How to Keep Toilets from Clogging & Prevent Tree Root Growth in Sewer Pipes

Toilets clog for many reasons. One common cause of plugged toilets and clogged sewer lines is that tree and plant roots grow in and around underground plumbing and sewers. Here are two handy DIY ways to keep tree roots from clogging the sewer.

Why do tree roots clog sewer pipes? Because the human waste flushing through the sewer and drain pipes acts as a natural fertilizer, Even if you have no trees near your house, tree roots spread long and far under the ground. How to tree roots get into sewer and drain pipes? Tree roots can grow through tiny cracks in pipes. If you have copper or PVC plumbing, this is less likely to occur, but many older homes have the old clay pipes running underground.

Rock Salt: Pour one cup of rock salt down the toilet and flush the drain and sewer pipes every 1-2 months. This method was recommended to us by a plumber. Rock salt will kill tree roots that grow in an around sewer pipes. The rock salt method of keeping roots from clogging sewer pipes costs less and is greener for the environment. Rock salt is less effective than the second method. Rock salt sometimes doesn’t dissolve completely in the cold water of the toilet and will build up in the tank.

Copper Sulfate: Copper Sulfate is more toxic and costs around $12-$20 per treatment of the toilet plumbing. If you are looking for the best plumbers in Fontana definitely contact Copper Sulfate is very effective at killing tree roots, keeping sewer and plumbing pipes running effectively and preventing clogged toilets. Copper Sulfate is available from home maintenance departments and retailers. It is generally found in the plumbing section. Caution should be used when using and storing copper sulfate. Directions for use are clearly marked on the copper sulfate packaging.

We have used both methods and in general, we prefer the copper sulfate. It is more costly, but generally more effective. For more information about home maintenance and repair,

At Home Dog Grooming Guide

Your dogs grooming needs will vary by breed. Some breeds require monthly haircuts and daily brushing while other dogs require a shampoo and regular nail clipping. If you have fallen in love with a breed that requires grooming you already know that grooming can be expensive. Here is your at home guide to basic dog grooming. Now you can keep your dog looking great in between grooming appointments.

White Dogs

White-fur dog requires intricate cleaning.

Dogs with white fur have extra grooming issues that can cause frustration for many owners. White dogs such has Poodles Bichons have yellowing problems with their fur and yucky tear stained eyes. There is a simple solution for each of these grooming issues.

Angel Eyes

The tearing around your pets eyes is called Epiphora. While not in it’s self harmful the Epiphors is a breeding ground for bacteria. The odor that can accompany Epiphora is from the bacteria growing around your dogs eyes and mouth. Angel Eyes is a food additive that stops the staining from happening internally. Angel Eyes is safer than using wipes or peroxide these harsh chemicals can cause additional eye irritation or worse.

Bright Magic

Even breeds that are not all white can become yellowed and dingy. I have a Rat Terrier whose coat yellows quite easily. Every other week I shampoo her with Bright Magic and she looks great. The Bright Magic helps whiten her coat and leaves her fur soft and condition.

Allergic/Sensitive Dogs

Just like people dogs can have allergies or sensitive skin. I had a Jack Russell that would get “hot spots” from almost any soap or anytime he played outside. After using medicines recommended by the vet that had nasty side effects I went in search of some products that would help his allergies without medicines. I was pleased to find two great products.

Itchy Dog by Bobbi Panter

Itchy Dog is an all natural shampoo from Bobbi Panter. The Itchy Dog Shampoo has Tea Tree Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Oatmeal to help relieve itching and hot spots. I love that the shampoo helped reduce his allergies and smells great!

Hot Spot’s All Natural Pet Balm

On the rare occasions that the Itchy Dog did not completely control our Jack’s allergies I used Hot Spot’s All Natural Pet Balm. The balm is made with Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil to help sooth the hot spot’s. The Hot Spot’s Balm also includes other essential oils that help fight bacteria, fungus, parasites that can cause additional problems. I kept a jar in my purse so that I always had some handy if Oliver developed any hot spot’s while we were out and about.

Clean teeth and Fresh Breath

Brush your dog's teeth weekly.

The number one cause of bad breath in dogs is decaying teeth. You can avoid decaying teeth by weekly brushing your dogs teeth and by using Plaque Off. Avoid expensive teeth cleaning or health problems by feeding your dog a high quality food, brushing their teeth, and adding Plaque Off to their water.

Plaque Off

Plaque Off is a liquid that you add to your pet’s water bowl everyday. The unique formula eliminates plaque and aids the G.I. Tract. Even if your pet already has a build up of plaque and tarter Plaque Off will help. The same Jack Russell I mentioned above also had nasty teeth and horrible breath when we first got him. We started adding Plaque Off to his water and within days you could see results and smell the results. The great thing about Plaque Off is that it works for my cats also! Plaque Off also has the added benefits of reduce rectal odors, reduced fecal odor, and your grass while stay green. What more could you ask for!!

Triple Head Toothbrush

The triple head tooth brush surrounds your dog’s teeth and cleans all three sides at once. You can reduce the time it takes you to brush your dogs teeth and because of the surrounding head the brush slips less. Cain and Able also have a great all natural dog toothpaste made with Vanilla and Tea tree Oil. Regular teeth brushing keeps your dogs gums healthy.

How to brush your dogs teeth:

1) Don’t use a human tooth brush the bristles are to harsh and you may damage your dogs gums.

2) Don’t use human toothpaste, your dog can not rinse and spit! You will need a toothpaste that is formulated for swallowing and doesn’t foam.

3) Before starting get your dog used to the toothpaste by offering it as a treat. That way when you go to begin your regular teeth brushing the dog has one less thing to “worry” about.

4) Push the toothpaste down into the brush and fill the brush head completely.

5) With leash attached back your dog into a corner, he will be less likely to escape. Step on the leash leaving a little slack this will free up your hands.

6) Relax and gently pry your dogs mouth open. Do not yell or get upset, it may take a few tries before you successfully brush your dog’s teeth.

7) When complete you can give a release command and step off the leash.

Long and Smooth Haired Dogs

I give credit to anyone who can keep a long or smooth haired dog looking great. For those of us struggling with our long haired dogs I have found a few products that I can’t live without!

Bamboo Care Slicker/Bristle Brush

Bamboo Care has a 4 in 1 grooming brush. The slicker removed tangles and debris, the bristle side smooths the coat and adds shine, the fine tooth comb removes mats, and the flea comb can be used around the face and eyes. The brush comes in two different sizes one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. All the pieces store inside the comb so you never have to worry about losing pieces.

Snarly Dog by Bobbi Panter

I have used leave-in conditioner on my own long hair for years. Now there is a leave-in conditioner for dogs. Sarly Dogs from Bobbi Panter is a conditioning spray made with Macadamia Nut Oil. The oil nourishes and detangles the hair while leaving a nice sheen to the coat. The conditioner can even be used on dogs with sensitive skin.

Dog grooming tips:

*Every dog requires regular brushing, regardless of coat type.
*Avoid the dogs face when shampooing and rinsing.
*Keep bath or grooming time pleasant with lots of treats and love.
*Keep the dogs nails trimmed, use a dog clipper only.
*Check the dogs ears. The ears should be clean and pink with no odor. If the ear needs cleaning cover a cotton ball with mineral oil and gently rub the ear. Never use a q-tip!

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Bike Shoes

Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

The art of cycling doesn’t only require strength, stamina and balance from the entire cyclist’s body but also an ample amount of grip from their feet to turn the pedals round smoothly. To do this, cyclists are known to wear cycling shoes that provide them with much-needed comfort for their soles and also maximum control of the pedals through their feet. The point is to make cycling less straining on the muscles and provide arc support to the feet. For wider feet, it is helpful to purchase wide cycling shoes that are specifically designed to suit them. Let’s talk about the benefits wide cycling shoes can provide.

bike shoesWide Feet Comfort

Wide cycling shoes are specifically designed in such a way that the feet are properly in sync with the shoes. Wide feet may suffer discomfort from regular shoes being too skinny in the forefeet area, making it claustrophobic for the feet. The build of wide cycling shoes is designed to make them much more comfortable for people with broader feet.

buying bike shoes for wide feet

Pedal Energy Maximized

When buying bike shoes for wide feet, it is always necessary to keep the fit in check. Ideal wide feet cycling shoes will give you much better balance due to the fit of the shoes with your feet that would allow distribution of the pedaling force ideally without any loss of energy. The amount of pressure that is applied during pedaling, specifically on the front part of the feet is crucial during cycling. Wide cycling shoes provide with a greater surface area for the force from the forefoot to work on, making the pedaling highly effective.

The Wellbeing of the Foot

While cycling (or even jogging or running), the pressure released from the forefoot may even lead to an extended pain in the back or hip area given that the foot is in some way not working properly. Since wide feet cycling shoes distribute pressure over a larger surface area, any disruptions caused from the problem in the feet will be lessened, leading to a less probable mid back-pain and also further less damaging of the foot.

There are a number of wide cycling shoes designed for larger feet, here are two particularly good ones:

The Shimano SH-M200

Designed heavily with extra cushioned nylon insole and synthetic carbon to make sure you have a great pedal stroke. Absolute comfortability, and a dual density insole which it comes with keep the fit sleek and comfortable.

The Lake CX160-X

These wide cycling shoes are made of leather and also has added breathable mesh so that the air is constantly in contact with the feet. The nylon sole drivers it is engineered with help to obtain maximum pedal strength with little pressure applied, making it ideal.


Regularly it is seen that wide footed people have been unknowingly wearing the wrong shoes. it is evident that the shoes specifically designed for their feet would bring them better results. The smart build of wide feet cycling shoes helps the wide footed cyclist to achieve maximum efficiency with much less effort.


Benefits and Weaknesses of Luxury Designer Dog Beds

Dog owners are always looking for new ways to spoil their pet. Apparently treats, love and affection is not enough. Dog owners need to buy doggy outfits, roll them around in pet strollers, and give them personalized watering bowls.
One of the newest trends for dog owners is the designer dog bed. Dog beds used to be simple mats, maybe a little bit of cushioning. Now there are dog beds that not only look exactly like human beds, but are equipped with warming rays to keep your dog toasty and comfortable.

Styles of Designer Dog Beds

Some designer dog beds are essentially human beds in miniature size. They often come with their own unique little mattress, possibly a floral design. They also have bed boards. Shockingly, this is the most basic style of designer beds.

The more interesting designer dog beds are the miniature couch beds. Like the name implies, they look like miniature couches, except these couches come in a style fit for Roman kings. If your dog likes to sprawl out one side of the couch eating grapes, these dog beds are made for it. Designer dog beds come in such fancy styles you may need to upgrade your entire house just to give it the proper respect.

Weaknesses of Designer Dog Beds

There is no doubt these beds are fancy, and when it comes to pure style, some of these dog beds are works of art. The problem is that your dog doesn’t care. It doesn’t care in the slightest.

Dogs don’t know designer dog beds from a patch of carpet on the floor. These are dogs that used to comfortably sleep on rocks and twigs in the wild. While all dogs enjoy finding a comfortable location to sleep in the home, to them an old pillow is all they need, and any additional comfort is just a bonus.

Similarly, the style of many of these dog beds may actually be uncomfortable to your pet. Dogs do not sleep like humans, and headboards, awkward pillows, etc., can cause your dog to sleep awkwardly, leading to little aches and pains. While the designer dog beds may be more comfortable than the floor, a giant pillow dog bed or a comfortable mat dog bed are likely just as beneficial, possibly more so.

These dog beds are also much more difficult to clean, and as much as 100 times more expensive than a standard mat or pillow dog bed.

Benefits of Designer Dog Beds

When it comes to what your dog needs, designer dog beds are simply a considerably more expensive version of a normal dog bed. They bring very little to your pet.

However, that does not mean they are without their benefits. Part of caring for your dog involves making you happy. The happier you are caring for your dog, the better your relationship with your dog will be. If it makes you happy buying your dog a designer dog bed, then buying one may still be worthwhile.

Similarly, there is no denying that most dog beds are eyesores. Designer dog beds, on the other hand, are so well designed that you may want to hang it up and show it off like a painting. The designers that make these beds clearly know what they are doing.

Buying a Dog Bed

Designer dog beds have little to no benefit to your dog. They may even be more uncomfortable than a cheap mat or pillow dog bed. But part of owning a pet involves making yourself happy because the happier you are, the more love you will be able to give your dog. If buying a designer dog bed makes you happy, you should go for it.

Luxury Dog Beds – Does Your Dog Deserve a Luxury Bed?

Dogs are no less than a family member to most dog owners, also provided with every luxury they can to their pet as they would with their children. Buying a luxury dog bed is one of the best investments you can make as a furry parent. This will provide your furry family members a plush retreat where they can sleep soundly and feel extra special. A luxury bed is not a pointless expense but a representation of your tending loving care.

Benefits of a Luxury Dog Bed

You can easily tell the difference between a luxury dog bed and a cheaper one with just one look. Not only does it look elegant, a luxury dog bed offers premium quality since every nook and cranny of it is made of select materials. This includes the exterior cover, inner padding, thread, zipper, etc.

These beds are handmade one bed at a time, ensuring each bed meets the company’s high-quality standards unlike mass produced beds. Designed with your dog’s natural instincts in mind, a luxury dog bed can endure a lot of nibbling and pawing.

In addition, fancy luxury dog beds are much easier to clean. Exterior covers are always machine-washable for easy maintenance. Fabrics won’t fade and threads won’t run. Most importantly, a luxury dog bed can help you save money and peace of mind in the end.

Likewise, giving your pet his own luxury bed prevents him from the temptation of crawling into your bed.

Styles of Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury dog beds have a huge demand in the pet market. The following are basic types of luxury dog beds.

  1. Bone shaped luxury dog bed
  2. Chaise lounge luxury dog bed
  3. Divan sized luxury dog bed
  4. Hammock luxury dog bed
  5. Heart shaped luxury dog bed
  6. Sofa luxury dog bed
  7. Tent and canopy beds
  8. Wrought iron headboards

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Bed

There are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

  • Size, style, and space – The dimensions of your dog, his sleeping habits, and how much space he occupies are the three most important things that dog owners should consider. Dogs who love to sprawl would appreciate a bigger rectangular bed while those who love to snuggle would love a perfectly sized bed.
  • Aesthetics – Aesthetics is a crucial consideration, especially for dog owners who want functionality to go along with the theme of a room. For the same reason, designers and manufacturers offer a plethora of luxury dog beds to make you and your pet happy. Your dog can have a fully furnished bed complete with upholstery and cushioning that will also match your décor. If your dog always slobbers, choose colors that conceal drool as well as fur shedding.
  • Material – A luxury dog bed with additional orthopedic features would greatly benefit senior dogs and tiny breeds. It is also important to check how your dogs would react to iron or wood.
  • Cost – Luxury dog beds are always a little pricier, considering it improves the quality life of your pet. However, it is all worth it knowing that your beloved dog is dreaming about chasing squirrels with utmost comfort.





Top Tips for sky-rocketing your Small Business

Launching small business demands a very specific set of skills. Organizational and planning skills are going to occupy most part of that list. You need to have a flexible approach and immense work ethic as well. Following these top tips will better your odds at growing a small business successfully in the long term.

Understand competition:

Research your competitors in the area. Expect the challenges they will bring to your small business. Understand their revenue models and try to make the best out of healthy competition. Always be extensive on conquering different segments of market. It helps getting on top of your competition.

Get creative:

Think out of the box for ideas that will make your business stand apart. Having a distinctive product of service is a huge plus. Try to solve the minor problems that haven’t been solved. When you are starting out, you can be more open to new ideas. The new ideas will help branching out later.

Be organized:

Being organized is the key to running any business successfully. It helps getting on top of things effortlessly. It eliminates a lot of hassles that circles office environment. Try to get a to-do list on everything as fast as possible. Give it regular updates to have an overview of day to day tasks.

Stay focused:

When you made fail proof plans, you have increased likelihood of making revenue straightaway. However there is no guaranteed of that. There can be problems that would question the very reason of starting the establishment. At time like these, staying focused is the key to survival.

Maintain records:

Record keeping has a major place in small scale and large scale businesses. It also helps analyze your financial position better. It helps see challenges and opportunities in near future. It helps avoid looking things at the hindsight.