Keep Your Dog from Dominating Your Life

While your dog might be trying to dominate you by going out the door first, not listening to you, or just flat out ignoring whatever you tell him to do you need to reestablish your dominance over your dog. The Read more

What is a Title 24 Report

What is a title 24 report? Title 24 report is a document generated by a qualified property energy use consultant detailing the energy use of a proposed building. Put simply, this report looks at the energy requirements of a proposed Read more

At Home Dog Grooming Guide

Your dogs grooming needs will vary by breed. Some breeds require monthly haircuts and daily brushing while other dogs require a shampoo and regular nail clipping. If you have fallen in love with a breed that requires grooming you already Read more

Bike Shoes

Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

The art of cycling doesn’t only require strength, stamina and balance from the entire cyclist’s body but also an ample amount of grip from their feet to turn the pedals round smoothly. To do this, cyclists are known to wear Read more